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Maryana L-Klein

Icon 01I was introduced to beads jewelry world many years ago when I was looking for jewellery for my wedding. After months of searching I decided to make my own necklace and earrings. After that first try I never stopped. I am constantly learning new techniques, colour combinations and designs that I can combine in my creations. Each piece of jewellery is created with great love and passion.


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Irena Tsepelevich

Icon 01Jewelry making has been my passion for some time now.
I love developing unique pieces and exploring the world of creation and the power of invention.
The part I adore the most is conversing with my clients – trying to be a part of their creative vision, expressing my ideas based on their preferences. I design and hand craft beaded and wire Jewellery using various techniques, and quality precious metals and gemstones.
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Sandra McClelland

Icon 01Sandra searches for vintage pieces and repurposes them into new, modern and unique pieces. She uses sterling silver, pearls, gemstones and Swarovski Crystal Elements in her jewellery creations. She gets her colour inspirations from nature.
Sandra is a resident of Richmond Hill and is a mother of 3 children. She finds time to relax while creating jewellery, knitting and reading. She enjoys volunteering at her kids’ school.

Nadira Ali-Khan

Icon 01After working in the creative field of ceramics for over 35 years, a calling came to Nadira to turn her artistic talents to a different technique which is on the rise worldwide today, known as Beading.  What intrigued Nadira the most about beading is the opportunity to create & design her own jewellery using the Gemstones that she likes best! After attending Yvette’s classes offered by the town of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Nadira got hooked.  Today, Nadira spends most of her time keeping up with the latest trends and techniques, searching for the best Gemstones and creating that unique & one of a kind design.

Betty Gray

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Linda Lynott

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I have been making and selling necklaces since I was in public school. My biggest client back then was Holt Renfrew’s.

My husband Paul and I have now partnered in (Paul and Linda like the McCartney’s).

I am a bit of a fashionista and so have recently completed a ton of necklaces in this year’s colours; blues, oranges, pinks and fuchsias. Earrings and bracelets are also available. I am certified by Swarovski to use ‘Swarovski Elements’ and make many necklaces with Swarovski and semi-precious stones. My favorite type of necklace is called wire crochet. Recently I have discovered Chinese knotting.

Liz Kennedy

Icon 01I have had a lifelong love of jewellery and stones. I have always made crafts (knitting, crochet, and sewing) as an outlet for my creative side. In the past I have done many jewellery courses; silversmith, glass enamelling and beading. As a recently retired teacher I now have the time to pursue my creativity and beading was the perfect blending of all of my interests.

Nadia Popovici

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Some thought about me...

My name is Nadia Popovici, and I am a proud member of this group since its very beginning.

It all started with my love for the (semiprecious) stones. I always admired these wonderful natural creations. As I found some beautiful stones, I wanted to see them assembled in a nice necklace or bracelet. Naturally, I became the artisan I am today.


Rose Iaccino

Icon 01My love for beading and jewellery making started a while back when I was young and my dad ( a skilled artisan) taught my sister and I how to make "love" beads. This love lingered on the back burner for years until my son's wedding. As a thank you gift for my future daughter in law's bridal shower I decided on making beaded bracelets for the guest (75 ladies) in the bride's colors. I took courses locally and was introduced to Yvette, where I was given the opportunity to develop my skills and artistry. I am very happy to be part of this creative and artist group.

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We are a group of women who share the abundant love to beads and gems; we are passionate of beaded ...

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