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Who are we?

We are a group of women who share an abundant love for beads and gems; we are passionate of beaded art and accessories.

Beading is very therapeutic, it energizes the soul and the mind, it refreshes the brain and boosts self-confidence, it enhances creativity and enriches the artistic cells in our brain.

Background and History

The group was initiated and founded by Yvette who has been teaching the beading workshops in the town of Richmond Hill since 2005. when Yvette submitted the program of beading classes to the town of Richmond Hill, she had no idea where this is going to lead? All she had in mind is to have some fun and to meet people in the community with the same interest While enjoying the socialization factor.

Little did she know that year after year she was awakening new beading monsters hungry for more beads and gems, thirsty for learning more about new techniques.   Years have passed and finally she realized that the town of Richmond Hill is ready to have its own beading artists group.  

She contacted her students and held a meeting in her studio  in August of 2011. She ran the idea of starting a beading group by them, all the attendees loved the idea and Richmond Hill Beading Artists group was created.

What is Richmond Hill Beaded Art Show & Sale

Now that the group got established and the name was agreed upon, we needed an event to showcase our creations. We, as a group we agreed to have a beading show and sale, but not like any other bead show and sale; we wanted something to fit our standards and our criteria. We called it the Richmond Hill Beaded Art Show and Sale.

All our beaded creations are a work of art, they are not just beaded items, and not limited to just jewellery, they are one of a kind, whether it is a necklace, a pair of earrings, and/or a book mark, or a key chain, or Tierra,  they all stand out and leave a mark in your heart.

Our mission and goals

  •  To add a new flavour of art to the Art department in Richmond Hill.
  •  To encourage Artists, of all kinds and backgrounds, to come out and express their artistic feelings freely and openly.
  •  To give back to our community by helping local charities.
  •  We organize a Beaded Art show & Sale  twice a year: Spring and Fall.
  •  To bring the community together and get them to meet their local artists.


Who we are

We are a group of women who share the abundant love to beads and gems; we are passionate of beaded ...

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Tel: 416-432-2887
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